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Sprinkler Blow Out

Get Comprehensive Lawn Services You Can Count On

Tried and True Lawn Care offers lawn services that go beyond just mowing the lawn. Although our team are excellent lawn mowers, we are here to serve you and your home exterior in any and every way possible. 
We can edge the lawn, use leaf blowers to get clippings off of driveways, remove fall leaves, and more. Our goal is to create a beautiful, healthy green carpet that feels great under your feet. Beyond that, our lawn services improve the appearance of your yard overall. We can trim shrubs, freshen up the mulch around trees or in garden beds, and even complete a sprinkler blow out.
A sprinkler blow out is sometimes called winterization, and it must be done every year in cold states like Colorado. With this service, through forced air, all of the water in the system is blown out.. This prevents the lines from freezing over the winter and bursting with pressure, causing serious damage. It is best done by a professional crew like ours, for increased efficiency, safety, and effectiveness.
Our lawn services can be obtained on an as-needed basis, so we’ll only provide work when and where you believe it’s needed. However, whenever we do work on your lawn, you can look forward to a beautiful landscape created with skill and care. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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